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Eloma MA10-11


  • 9 Menu Groups (Gratins/pasta, desert/cakes, bread/rolls, poultry, meat, fish/seafood, vegetables, side dishes, banquett)
  • 9 Cooking Methods (Defrosting, poaching, stewing, steaming, roasting, gratinating, grilling, baking, regenerating)
  • 9 Modes of Operation (Vario steaming, steaming, forced steaming, combination, convection, LT-cooking, DT-cooking, cook & hold, baking)
  • Program list for 300 fully automatic programs
  • Favourites for 20 fully automatic programs



  • Different products with different cooking times together
  • Rolling production possible
  • High savings in energy, water and time
  • Glass Panel with Sensors and Colour Monitor
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Totally integrated, flat surface for perfect hygiene – maintenance free
  • Scout multidimensional operating unit for selection and input of functions. Simultaneous input of cooking procedures, temperature and moisture level
  • Fully coloured graphic user interface presenting cooking chamber climate, menu groups, cooking modes, program list, favourites, special programs and additional functions
  • Multilingual



  • Clima Aktiv controls temperature and moisture
  • Active humidification or de-humidification with unique supply air system
  • Dry and humid heat in combination plus temperature displayed on Climatic screen


  • Built for a temperature range from 30 to 300°C and moisture range from 0 to 100%
  • Easy to clean cooking chamber with rounded corners
  • Interior and exterior housing of chrome nickel steel CrNi 18 10, BS 304 S15, AISI 304
  • Ventilated glass door with latching positions and removable door gaskets
  • Quick release door lock for single-handed operation.
  • Power to oven is cut when the oven door is opened with a contact free magnetic switch
  • Integrated and dosing shower, extractable with automatic return and water stop – to be used with door closed.
  • Bright interior lighting, halogen lamps – exact sight control
  • Air exhaust and odour seal integrated in drain – fixed connection in accordance with national and international regulations.
  • Sensor controlled, two-stage cooling down of condensed water
  • Two separate connections for hard and soft water, intrinsically safe.
  • Swivelling control panel – easy service access from the front side.
  • Built and controlled according to quality management system EN ISO 9001
  • Meets criteria of HKI quality standards


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